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Hey all! 

In my recent discussions with Ben, we came up with the idea of offering community based reviews for any members working on web based projects. 
The idea behind this is to provide a none-biased service driven by community interaction with your project(s). This means that instead of having one opinion, you can have a range of feedback, as people's opinions will differ from others! 

To keep this service community-orientated, we are not having a rank for a review team.
We hope that this service is of use to you.

Everyone thank Ben for thinking of the idea Tongue

The CW staff.

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The idea I had for community based reviews is simple:

On sites like Forum Promotion we have a review "team". Those sorts of sites see a large turnover of their volunteer staff base because they feel compelled to do things that they don't necessarily want to.

To that end, I thought that having the community review things that they *want* to review might be ideal. I mean, there's no requirement here that you review anything, and everyone's expectations of a site are different, so maybe it's better to get multiple opinions.

To that end, I agree with there being no "rank" for the review team. Everyone's review holds the same amount of water, and my review is not higher than any members. I'm a contributor only - I'm not a moderator that wants to take action on anything he sees.

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