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Trains at Speed


One of the parts of my hobby - railfanning - is the ever-present, ever-illusive chase. Where you're going after a train (preferably steam), which manages to get ahead of you because you stop for a photo.

In our first image, we see 3237 on Cowan Bridge, NSW, coming back from it's trip to Gosford. I managed to achieve this shot by using the wall of the bridge next to it (a road-bridge) as a tripod.

[Image: 28353132903_96c4cf3025_k.jpg]Shooting Through by s3_gunzel, on Flickr

and in our second image, the next weekend, we have 3237 returning from it's day-trip to Nowra, NSW. This shot was the last shot of the day, and I thought I had busted it until I checked it on a computer.

[Image: 17494161414_562c4a5ba7_k.jpg]3237 roaring past Otford at speed by s3_gunzel, on Flickr

Wow! :O
Both are such stunning photographs. I particularly like the first, for me it seems to show the true power of the machine, and captures (in some sense) the spirit of the train.

I can't wait to see more of your snaps! Smile

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Like Katos said, those are beautiful photographs.

Keep them comin'!

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