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(This post was last modified: 10-28-2016, 02:07 PM by katos.)

>I noticed when accepting your buddy request it prompts to have been done but still displays your pending request

>Avatars displayed strangely: http://puu.sh/rYvYc/bc7ea13325.jpg compared to http://puu.sh/rYvZ3/8e10bbaea3.jpg / http://puu.sh/rYvZN/ec2658d69b.jpg

>Unable to delete private messages

>Messages don't get marked as read?

>New threads take a while to show on index?

>Editor doesn't display properly: http://puu.sh/rYwdU/1dcc375c8d.png

>Alerts page doesn't work (Icon link)

>Alerts need to be set to change to a fully coloured icon if user has an unread alert.

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The avatars don't even display at all.

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