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Fiverr and other micro-job sites?


What do you think about micro-job websites that allow freelancers to get hired for relatively-small sums of money to do basic projects, such as simple graphic design, basic sites etc.? The most popular one is Fiverr, but there are others out there, such as Seoclerks etc.
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SEOClerks hasn't provided me with anything useful. Lots of money put into a system that's broken.

I mean, people want to be paid to work on sites but they don't have the drive to do it voluntarily. For example, I'm volunteering my time here. I don't do this for the money, and I get nothing out of it except saying that I helped this site get to where it is.

I've paid staff before, I've paid for posts before, and every time it's been the same crap. My advice to anyone would be to do it yourself.

For me, it depends on the job, for graphics or video work, I can totally understand it and I would say that sites like fiverr might be handy. SEOclerks I would say no.
Paying someone for posts I would also say no, due to the reason that Ben says.

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