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Forum Rules


  1. Be respectful.
    We are a forum that strives to become a friendly environment for everyone creative. Please treat others with respect. 

  2. No spamming.
    Spamming advertisements or promotions will result in infractions against your account. Please keep bumping of promotions down to once every twenty four hours. 

  3. Do not post off-topic.
    Posting comments that aren't relevant to the topic subject is distracting and frowned upon. If you want to talk about something apart from the topic subject, please post said comment in a different topic that match your comment's subject.

  4. Do not double post.
    Unless updating a topic with news regarding the subject, posting multiple times in a row to respond to a user's comment is not needed. If you want to add new content to your message, simply use the Edit Button. This helps to keep our forums clean and easy to follow.

  5. Do not flame, belittle or troll other users.
    Do not be disruptive towards other members, or provoke them intentionally. If you feel like you have been provoked or see others engaging in inappropriate behavior, please report this to a moderator or administrator. 

  6. Advertising
    Advertising an artist, an art gallery, or a YouTube/Twitch/Livestream channel is okay as long as you use the correct category. It should NOT be an advertisement for another forum, competitor, or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material. 

  7. Please use English.
    Since Creators Wave is an English-speaking forums, very few people will not be able to understand you if you use other languages. However you can speak in your native language ONLY IF you provide an English transcript with the original text. Growth to regional forums may come in the future. 

  8. Use constructive criticism.
    Criticism is a very powerful tool for creators. However, criticism should be constructive and as such, much provide suggestions of improvement. We suggest comments along the lines of: "have you considered" or "I would try to.." etc.

  9. Only one account.
    Do not abuse multiple accounts to pretend to be more than one user. Multiple accounts WILL be terminated and if further accounts are made, the primary account will be banned. 

  10. Be considerate.
    Do not post pointless messages, including those that stretch pages for no reason. Do not abuse certain privileges and BBCodes that are given to you. DO NOT make posts with a bunch of pointless pictures, this eats up bandwidth and it not very considerate for those who use mobile and limited Internet data. We also politely ask members to be careful with nested quotes - if your message has multiple quotes (that are long, or exceed a number of 4) then please remove quotes. This helps keep our forums clean and easy to manage.

  11. Keep comments clean.
    Do not post comments regarding NSFW content, fetishes, excessive swearing of any kind. Keep it PG-13 when posting. 

  12. Keep Private Information to yourself
    For your safety, do not post your personal information. That includes your home address, family names, and account passwords. 

Create a brighter future
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"To live a creative life, we must first lose our fear of being wrong"

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Create a brighter future
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"To live a creative life, we must first lose our fear of being wrong"

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