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Asperger's Network: Project Development Thread


It has been a while since our last update. This is for a magnitude of reasons; but the main one is that Azure sucks.

That said: I am proud to announce we have successfully shifted all our infrastructure to Microsoft's new server operating system, Windows Nano Server 2016.

There'll be another update in the coming days, but that's it for now.

Our homepage is now starting to take shape.

[Image: nVwUeig.jpg]

The initial top-fold of a website is important; people will look at it and be decisive about whether or not they intend to stay, or go. As developers/webmasters we do not see this readily, and so we spend so much time concentrating on what cannot be seen.

3.0 is designed to be familiar, but also to be responsive and conform to web standards. Thus, we provide the users with a familiar experience based on the last website, developed with the assistance of bootstrap.

With this image, this shows how our homepage looks as at git build 6133a32. A large photo, which will lead into a competition later; and an overlay show who we are, and what we stand for. Then our best article of the day, and the beginning of what is left over.

A few things have happened since my last post:

On the backend, we've:
  • Bumped Laravel to 5.5
  • Bumped various other dependencies

We've started to work on our forums:

[Image: L3TU6Jp.png]

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