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Development Contest #1


The Challenge:

Hello CreatorsWave community! This is the first development contest on the site and the objective of it is to create a type of game.

You will have to do the following:

  • Write a program that will emulate a common guessing game.

  • The game should randomly set a number which the user will have to guess and will get "higher" or "lower" hints as it goes. Only integers will be used for the target number.

  • The target number should be 1 to 100 (although this "game" is harldy a game. Anybody will get it in 7-8 tries without even "guessing", by using logic)

  • The game will end with a note of the win when the correct number is guessed.

  • The program should tell the number of guesses it took to get it as well.

The contest entries will be closed by January 13th.

Great challenge, @Blessings ! I might have a stab at this with a batch code :)

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